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Attendance of the congress:

€ 31.00 before 10 March 2021, then € 38.00 for the complete congress.icons8 info 48The congress fee includes two coffee breaks on Saturday 13 June:
Coffee, tea, soft drinks as well as savoury and sweet snacks.

For Saturday € 18.00 and for Friday or Saturday € 7.00.

Social Programme Open to guests who do not attend the congress.

Friday, 11 June 2021


  € 5.00
Max. 50 persons: 32 persons have already registered




icons8 info 48Buffet: Soup, 2 cold starters, 3 main courses to choose from, dessert   € 21.00
Saturday 12 June 2021


icons8 info 48Buffet: Soup, 2 cold starters, 3 main courses to choose from, dessert   € 21.00
Sunday 13 June 2021


  € 16.00




icons8 info 48If there are more than 20 participants, two groups will be formed. The first tour starts at 2:30 pm.   € 8.00
Max. 2 Gruppen à 20 persons: 12 persons have already registered


  € 9.00
Max. 60 persons: 20 persons have already registered

Monday, 14 June 2021

icons8 info 48Excursion to Schillingsfürst with a visit of the Prince's Castle, the Prince's falconry with a flight demonstration and the Brunnenhaus Museum with a historic ox-treading facility from 1702.
Lunch in the surroundings of Schillingsfürst.
  € 29.00
Max. 50 persons: 23 persons have already registered